President speech

Earth is the home of mankind, Xingyuan environmental entrepreneurship for more than 20 years has always been based on environmental protection industry, work conscientiously for the environmental protection industry to provide quality equipment and services, environmental protection industry as a part of the living environment for the clean and devoted to wisdom and strength.

Since listing, Xingyuan to environmental management services as their responsibility, relying on their own years of environmental protection industry experience, integration of industry advantages of environmental resources, to create high-quality health environmental protection industry chain. Has formed a comprehensive capacity of environmental management, environmental protection for the comprehensive management of the overall solution. Business involved in environmental protection equipment manufacturing, municipal, industrial, rural sewage treatment, watershed management, sludge harmless disposal, ecological restoration, water quality monitoring and other areas of quality control. Xingyuan to high-quality environmental protection products and environmental management as the two pillars of the development of the company, determined to become the domestic environmental protection industry technology leader, we have the responsibility to have the ability to become the leading domestic and international well-known environmental management integrated service providers.


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