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  • Integrated filtration system

    Combine functions such as conditioning, feeding, washing, squeezing together, modular design andproduction, fast installation and operation;

    Suitable for industrial pilot equipm ent,environmenta! protection experimental platform,laboratoryof scientific research institutions,etc.

  • Filter press fornew energy industry

    Whole mechanical frame cladding with stainless steel, the anti-corrosion performance of equipment isimproved, meet the needs of ind ustry;

    The whole machine is designed according to the specifications of the new energy industry. Copper andzinc are banned, and the moving friction parts are replaced by plastic, The dustproof protection device isdesigned to preventforeign matter from infiltrating into the filter cake.

    Fully automatic cloth vibration system is equipped, realize synchronous vibration of cloth when shiftingplate for cake discharge, to achieve auxiliary cake discharge function, effectively reduce labor intensity otworkers;

    Unique filter chamber design, minimize the thickness difference of filter cake, keep the uniform shape ofcake;

    The optimized filter plate washing channel, can wash filter cake quickly, all conductivity indexes reachesthe industry standard, saving more water for cake washing.

  • Cantilever automatic filter press

  • Chamber automatic filter press

  • Vehicle-mounted mobile filter press

  • Liquid-controlled integrated filter

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