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  • 1000m² fully-automatic filter press

    Filter area: 1000 m²

    Plate size: 2500x2000mm;

    Maximum Chamber volume: 22m³ ;

    Advanced thermal spraying process, applicable for various anti-corrosion request.

  • Fully-automatic cloth cleaning type

    Unique external feeding channel, realize parallel feeding, cake can be evenly formed, and avoid material blocking in feeding channel;

    Higher membrane squeezing pressure (3.0 MPa) can make lower cake moisture, saving energy and cost for user.

    Chamber volume could be increased by 5% with same filter area,to increase  producing capacity.

    Online cloth cleaning system, fully automatic operation, with flushing pressure >4.0MPa, to regenerate filter cloth quickly and decrease operation cost:

    PLC control and HMI are available, to realize function operation through man-machine interactive interface, communicate  and integrated with  automatic control system in factory control center.

  • Full-automatic high pressure membran

    Maximum filter area could reach 1200m², treatment capacity could reach 30m³, apply to all kinds ofprocessing technology, including mineral processing, sand washing wastewater treatment , andenvironmental protection ;

    High efficiency automatic protection plate shifting system, carry out differentiated design (pull moreplates at each time for cake discharge) according to performance of cake discharge for slurry.maximum save auxiliary time!

    Use automatic bomb door drip tray device, realize dry and wet separation for cake, improveenvironment on site.

  • 2500 chamber type fully automatic fi

    Filter plate size: 2500mm*2000mm, maximum filter area: 1000m².

    Cake flushing type filter plate is available, saving water by 20% compare to normal design Online filter cloth washing,washing 2-plates /time, reducing labor cost for washing.

  • 2000 chamber type cake flushing filt

    Filter plate size: 2000mm*2000mm, Larger produce capacity by increasing the chamber volume, saving water by 20% than normal design Cake flushing type filter plate is available Advanced filter frame anti-corrosive technology which can be suitable for lithium battery industry and chemical industry.

    Filter plate vibration handle design to help cake discharge and reducing labor cost.

  • High pressure membrane filter press

    Maximum filter area 1200m², maximum unit producing capacity 30m³;

    Suitable for mining processing, sand washing, waste water treatment, etc.

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